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 About Us
Marcie:     Birth and Postpartum Doula (DONA trained)
Stephani:  Postpartum Doula (DONA trained)
                focused on evening care & first time mothers
Birth Doula:
As a birth doula I truly seek to assist women in realizing their inner strength to have the birth they desire. In some cases that is a natural birth with as few interventions as possible and in other cases it may be the woman who knows her pain threshold and desires to use epidural or other medications to assist her in the positive outcome she hopes for: healthy baby and healthy Mommy.  Whatever YOU desire is what I support you in.
I provide you with continuous labor support, giving you the reassurance that I am there for you throughout the whole process of labor, birth and initial breastfeeding.
I also facilitate a weekly Meetup:
Triangle New and Expectant Moms Cafe.  Please feel free to join us on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30 to discuss all things baby, birth and beyond!
Postpartum Doulas:
As postpartum doulas we are there to nurture you from the time your baby is born until 12 weeks following.  This sensitive period is a time of bonding with baby and the exsisting family.   It is a time of great and exciting transition for all involved.  It is our goal and desire to nurture mother and baby so that the initial adjustment to parenthood is a journey remembered with positive memories.
We provide you with the resourses and support you need to have the memories you deserve
Triangle Doula Services
supports women and families of the Greater Raleigh NC area
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